JOIN USWe belive that well up bringing of children leads to the well-being of the world
Giusy Balconetti just Donated Clothes and Shoes to the orphans. Thanks a bunch Giusy
Visit Us, You can help pass on ideas on how we can do this better
Share your joy. Let God’s beautiful children know they are special and loved
Sponsor a Child:Your friendship and encouragement make a huge difference in your sponsored child’s life
Toys Mean a lot to them, Donate Toys
Volunteer with us,you can help spread awareness about Our work throughout your community

Change the early stage, Change the World. We want to see children thrive at every stage of their lives. We know that the earliest years of a child’s life are the most important because this is when the foundations for a child’s future development are laid down. Disruptions during this sensitive time have lifelong consequences. That’s why Hope Children Center works to strengthen families and communities, addressing children’s rights and needs across education, health, nutrition and more.

Fund a project

fund-a-projectJoin with other supporters to meet specific needs in specific places.

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Sponsor a Child

hope-children-center-sponsor-child25 Dollars a month will help change a Child’s life FOREVER. Below are Children we have recruited of recent who are waiting for a family or a friend to help them. Choose a child to help by clicking on the “Sponsor” link;

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Land Campaign

land-projectWe are purchasing this 3 Acre land at $6,100 . Our most demanding project is to build a home for the children where foster parents will be able to offer them guidance as they pursue their education and get established in life.

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